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Globally, organisations face many challenges that are impacting their operational models at an accelerated rate, including:

  • heightened M&A activity
  • the emergence of disruptive technologies, products and services
  • new regulations
  • geopolitical realignment
  • changes in leadership

Transforming these highly disruptive elements into a sustainable advantage for organisations across geographies requires innovation.

In an increasingly integrated marketplace, organisations are no longer focusing on traditional modes of engagement or relying on operating model which have worked in the past. They are also operating a complex, networked ecosystem of service providers, buyers, partners and regulatory bodies. Organisations need strategic collaborative relationships that can transform their businesses by lowering costs and enhancing operational efficiencies across multiple geographies.

Our transformation advisory services span across business functions including:

  • finance and accounting
  • human resources
  • service management
  • governance
  • procurement
  • vendor assessment and evaluation
  • transition support
  • organisational change management
  • communications and stakeholder management

We guide and advise our clients over the course of the engagement in a number of ways including transition readiness assessment and organisation design.

Transition Readiness Assessment

A readiness assessment can show clients what foundations are in place to support change. 

Typically, our experts assess an organisation’s readiness and appetite for risk before starting on a large-scale transformation program. These programs tend to comprise key elements of change management strategy, including cultural transformation, executive sponsorship, workforce transition and much more

Organisation Design

An organisation’s design and structure determine its ability to navigate rapid change. In a competitive, dynamic environment, it is critical for an organisation to answer key questions that may define its prospects of long-term growth:

  • Can we streamline or realign our organisational structure to minimise bureaucracy without impacting operations and still maintaining a fair degree of control?
  • What capabilities do we need to develop to remain a high-performing company?
  • How can we realign our technology requirements with our strategic organisational goals and objectives?

Every organisation needs a structure, supported by an appropriate culture, which can realign itself in crisis and take advantage of opportunities. This will likely include consideration of:

  • the roles of leadership and other key strategic roles
  • how to empower people
  • how to design an appropriate governance framework that provides oversight while also supporting innovation and responsiveness

Our consultants have supported many clients in organisational design and transformation engagements:

  • We work with you to develop the most appropriate organisational models and governance structures that align with your goals and objectives, with a focus on enhancing productivity, engaging people and aligning business strategies with organisational requirements
  • We assess the organisation along several dimensions including leadership, talent management, culture, ability to respond to opportunities and governance arrangements. We then work with you to realign the structure to as appropriate and establish a governance framework that provides the required level of visibility and controls required


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