Automation as a Service


Automation as a Service is a means to democratise RPA by offering a simpler end-to-end service packaging research, education, consulting and execution at a fixed price per process. 

AaaS includes 
Educate, Training, Workshop
RPA Implementation


Our comprehensive research on RPA drives and validates the consulting and execution services we provide our clients.
Our RPA research material includes:


  • What is RPA?
  • Difference between conventional automation and RPA
  • Market Landscape (Vendors, RPA Tools market share)
  • Evaluation Parameters for Tool Selection
  • RPA Use Cases
  • RPA Assessment and Roadmap Overview
  • Lessons Learnt
  • Q&A
RPA High Level Process Scan
  • RPA Roll Out Plan
  • Process Rating (Assesses RPA readiness)
  • Process Portfolio (Shortlist of the processes for automation)
  • RPA Assessment and Roadmap (Inclusive of recommendations)
Deep Dive Assessment
  • As is Process Map
  • Keystroke Level Documentation
  • Business Case for RPA (Process-wise) 
Automation Enablement
  • To be Process Maps
  • Recommendations
Business Case Summary (Macro-level)
  • As per Mindfields format for different drivers
Board Paper
  • Advisory on Automation alignment
  • Change Management
  • Business Model Transformation
  • Operational Efficiency Improvement 
  • Human Capital Optimisation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Target Operating Model
Outsourcing vs. Automation
  • MindPrice App (Available on Apple Store & GooglePlay)
  • Contract Negotiation with existing incumbent outsourcing vendors


Duration: 1 week  
Objective: Imparting required knowledge on one selected RPA tool and its advanced features.  Hands on training to build a BOT with practical use cases customised to organization process and systems.
Suitable for: RPA Developers, IT and Operations/Support Teams
Duration: 2 weeks 
Objective: Impart required knowledge on RPA, advanced scripting skills using selected RPA tool in order to enable participants to build and deploy RPA solutions
Suitable for: RPA Development Team
Duration: 4-6 weeks
Objective: Impart with required skills, tools and techniques to assess the requirements for setting up a CoE to support enterprise-wide RPA solution management throughout RPA lifecycle (pre and post implementation)
Suitable for: RPA Advisors, Consultants including Senior BAs, Solutions Architects, and Technical Leads
Duration: 1 week
Objective: Imparting participants with knowledge essential for requirements gathering, RPA enablement, RPA assessment and rating and creating business cases
Suitable for: RPA Business Analysts

Duration: 2 weeks
Objective: Upskill participants with concepts, standards and best practices in designing RPA solution framework including defining IT Infrastructure requirements to deploy and run RPA solutions in adherence to client's IT policies/procedures
Suitable for: RPA Technical Development Experts or Solution Architects 
Duration: 0.5 -1 day
Objective: Educate to help build strategy (IT and business) and Roadmap and impart knowledge on how automation can impact business models, increase operational efficiencies and target operating model
Suitable for: CXO level executives


We work as a part of the client's team during the RPA implementation phase to ensure a seamless transition. Our implementation processes ensures Risk Management & Adherence to compliance requirements for processes automated.

Our services include
Design, build, test and deploy RPA solution
Scope requirements for RPA
OCM (Organizational Change Management) for RPA
Maintenance and support
Define Infrastructure setup required for RPA
We have automated over 450 processes in over 2 years across various industry verticals.

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