Local businesses can wring profit from outsourcing

Date : 04-07-2012

According to Mohit Sharma, the Director of outsourcing advisory firm Mindfields, the Philippines has a number of advantages as an outsource destination of choice, aside from the more Anglo-friendly accent. It is near to the Australian time zone, it has a higher rate of literacy, lower labour turnover, a strategic central Asian location within two and a half hours from Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo, attractive government incentives and low corruption.

Sharma says it is an ideal location for IT help desk services, customer centres and a range of business process functions like insurance claim and mortgage application processing. “Every outsourcing destination has a life cycle. India is in the last stage of the life cycle for voice-based processes, and the Philippines is in the first stage,” Sharma said.

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Regulator readies for India

Date : 03-07-2012

Director of boutique outsourcing advisory firm Mindfields, Mohit Sharma, said Australian financial services organisations such as banks and insurance companies had increased overseas outsourcing in the past 10 years, so it was a prudent step from APRA to visit captive centres and outsourcing vendors.

“Such visit would induce confidence and enforce transparency between APRA, Australian organisations and vendors. APRA should have a comprehensive onsite review of past, current and future strategies of Australian organisations, captives and vendor organisations”, Mr. Sharma said.

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Infosys buys Portland for $37 million

Date : 04-01-2012

Mohit Sharma, Director of vendor agnostic outsourcing and corporate advisory firm Mindfields Consulting, described the deal as a strategic acquisition of a premium skill set that would also provide Infosys with an opportunity to sell its other services to new clients.

“In the procurement space, you need to have a local presence but most of the work can be sent offshore. Portland has small offshore centres but they were not as cost effective as Infosys because of their size”, he said.

Mr. Sharma also viewed that there was high demand for premium intellectual property assets in low-cost markets that were still evolving.

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Profitable passage to india

Date : 17-05-2011

When Australian businesses started to cast their eyes towards India a decade ago, the subject of sending chunks of their technology work offshore was hugely controversial. It was in this environment that Mohit Sharma first began to make strides in a career that has been forged out of being an intermediary between the Australian market and the growing Indian mass.

Working for consultancy firms Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young, he was instrumental in helping some of the biggest names in Indian technology set up in Australia. He advised on a number of local acquisitions, including one in the banking space for a top tier one Indian IT vendor which has since multiplied more than 12 times in value.

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