Make the offshore option work

Date : 16-07-2013

A few fresh high-profile examples have thrust the topic of offshoring Australian jobs back on to the agenda, but in reality, the practice is age-old business wisdom. Globalisation and outsourcing go hand in hand. Both have evolved and matured together over the past 200 years.

Technology advancement and low telecommunication costs have made the globe a virtual office, and human resources a commodity. Geographical distances are no longer a limitation; instead they provide an advantage of operations over across time zone which enables organisations to operate 24 hours a day. Outsourcing has been replaced by “right” shoring.

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Telstra to outsource 170 jobs to Indian firm Infosys

Date : 09-07-2013

Telstra will outsource the roles of 170 full-time staff and 90 contractors from one of its fastest-growing business units to India, with Indian supplier Infosys understood to be picking up the work.

Managing director of niche outsourcing advisory firm Mindfields, Mohit Sharma, said Telstra had the most mature offshoring strategy among Australian organisations but could still improve cost benefits by looking to cheaper locations. “These commoditised processes can be easily be offshored to China – also [with] at least 20 per cent lower pricing and more strict service levels,” Mr Sharma said.

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Offshoring to save ANZ millions

Date : 21-06-2013

ANZ Banking Group has confirmed its plans to outsource 590 call centre jobs in Melbourne to the Philippines and New Zealand. ANZ is already a major user of offshore hubs, with 5,500 people in Manila, Philippines, 1,500 in Bangalore, India and 200 in Chengdu, China.

Mohit Sharma, Director of Mindfields, an outsourcing advisory firm, said ANZ would be incurring at least 40% more in costs to operate its call centre in Australia compared to offshore. “The quality of offshore call centre is as good as Australian call centres”, he said. “At least 65% of resources in Australian call centres are students, new immigrants or backpackers, and that is short-term employment. Offshore call centres hire professionals or fresh graduates who go through proper training but want to make it as a long-term career”.

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New wave of jobs go offshore

Date : 17-06-2013

Following the earlier wave of IT offshoring, numerous companies over the past 18 months have moved finance teams overseas. Those under serious cost pressures are offshoring whole teams, to reduce the potential for customer or political backlash.

However, some claim even those who don’t directly offshore, often the high-profile companies with heavily unionised workforces, will do it indirectly. Mohit Sharma, an outsourcing consultant and commercial valuer at Mindfields, calls this “pseudo offshoring”. It involves a prominent global outsourcer or professional services firm in Australia taking over the work. But then they offshore it to achieve cost savings for themselves and the client. For several years, outsourcers have been suggesting Australian companies should also outsource more sophisticated roles. Some have done so, including statutory reporting now being done by Genpact for Suncorp, but it is rare at this stage and often doesn’t stack up economically due to the smaller number of people involved.

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