Lessons from the offshore frontier

Date : 11-10-2013

For all those companies in the thick of offshoring jobs in their back and front offices, it is heartening to know even veterans find it hard. Deutsche Bank did its first big “finance transformation” between 2005 and 2009. At the time, it also pioneered the offshoring of statutory reporting to shared service centres it owns in the Philippines and India, that Australian companies are just starting to do now.

In outsourcing parlance, this sort of work is “higher up the value chain” - it requires skill and an understanding of the business as opposed to low value, high volume work typically outsourced, or offshored. This includes modelling, equity research, legal, human resources, finance and information technology work, according to outsourcing and valuation consultancy Mindfields.

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Toll plans outsourcing of up to 200 jobs

Date : 07-10-2013

Mohit Sharma, the Director of specialist outsourcing advisory Mindfields, said his firm was increasingly receiving enquiries from companies outside of the banking, financial services and insurance sectors about offshore outsourcing.

“Each organisation is different and each location has its own advantages and disadvantages along with risk profile,” Mr Sharma said. “In the last three years, Australian organisations are preferring the Philippines for customer work due to time zone and good accent quality. However prices there will soon rise due to pressure on supply of quality resources due to the increased demand.”

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Tech Mahindra woes Telstra

Date : 12-08-2013

Indian outsourcing giant Tech Mahindra has kicked off a week-long Australian charm offensive, with a target of winning new business from Telstra firmly in its sights. Non executive chairman of its Australia and New Zealand operations, Ted Pretty, a former group managing director at Telstra, said the door to winning business with Australia’s largest telco had been re-opened now the company had sorted out its internal changes.

Outsourcing specialist Mohit Sharma, director at Mindfields, said the completion of the merger would help Tech Mahindra win more significant deals in the Australian market and said it needn’t focus too heavily on its traditional strength in the telecommunications sector. “Tech Mahindra has more than 44 per cent of its global revenue from telecom vertical and it is more than 47 per cent in the Asia-Pacific region. This percentage is without having Telstra as one of its clients, whereas other peer IT vendors have less than 15 per cent of their global revenue from the telecom vertical,” Mr Sharma said.

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Special skills help nations nab global work

Date : 12-08-2013

The public image of outsourcing is coloured by the occasional call everyone receives from an operator with an Indian accent at a call centre in Mumbai trying to sell you a holiday package. Due to those calls and the publicity given to major outsourcing deals involving a lot of jobs moving offshore, the public generally believes that outsourcing involves low-skill phone sales jobs going to India.

In fact, research shows the shift in jobs is little more than the globalisation of industry. Mohit Sharma, Director of Sydney consultancy Mindfields, which specialises in advice on outsourcing, says analysis of the industry depends on whether you are talking about IT outsourcing (ITO), business process outsourcing (BPO), or the higher-value knowledge process outsourcing (KPO). Sharma says outsourcing can also involve quite complex areas in ITO and BPO, including “middleware” system support and regulatory compliance reporting.

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