Forget the past, the data revolution is here

Date : 18-03-2014

Knowledge is no longer important, but it is constant learning and applying the learning which is becoming more important. Contemporary organisations, irrespective of their size, need to take intuition out of their decision-making if they want to survive, and make smarter decisions based on increasingly incisive data insights.

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Telstra tipped to outsource 1,000 jobs

Date : 13-02-2014

Telstra could outsource as many as 1000 jobs to the Philippines and India following a review by two management consulting firms that is due to be completed by the end of next month.

The Abbott government is looking to tech-related companies to provide jobs growth following the decline of the manufacturing sector.

Director of outsourcing advisory firm Mindfields Mohit Sharma said the scale of Telstra’s captive centre in Manila was larger than any other Australian operation in the Philippines. “It would make a perfect business case to have a captive, or what is known as an assisted or virtual captive, which is partially managed by current incumbent vendors,” he said.

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Drop in rupee begs new look for outsourcing

Date : 03-12-2013

Globalisation and outsourcing has made the world a small village. Each small change in one place has a ripple effect elsewhere. A strong Aussie dollar does not only have adverse impacts on the tourism, mining and education sectors but also on the service sector. Conversely, it is great for Asian economies, which are dominant players in outsourcing, with India the main beneficiary.

Previously, only routine-based or scripted processes such as call centres or accounts payable were considered for outsourcing. But processes that require judgement such as analytics, legal, engineering and modelling are in play.

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Lessons from the offshore frontier

Date : 11-10-2013

For all those companies in the thick of offshoring jobs in their back and front offices, it is heartening to know even veterans find it hard. Deutsche Bank did its first big “finance transformation” between 2005 and 2009. At the time, it also pioneered the offshoring of statutory reporting to shared service centres it owns in the Philippines and India, that Australian companies are just starting to do now.

In outsourcing parlance, this sort of work is “higher up the value chain” - it requires skill and an understanding of the business as opposed to low value, high volume work typically outsourced, or offshored. This includes modelling, equity research, legal, human resources, finance and information technology work, according to outsourcing and valuation consultancy Mindfields.

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